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  • china latest news about NAIKE CHEMICAL at ACHEMA 2024 in Frankfurt, Germany
    2024-06-20 NAIKE CHEMICAL at ACHEMA 2024 in Frankfurt, Germany
    We NAIKE CHEMICAL exhibited our below products at booth B72-8 at ACHEMA 2024 in Frankfurt, Germany during Jun 10th-14th, 2024. Products: tower packing, column internal, lithium carbonate, molecular sieve, activated alumina, ceramic ball, MBBR media It was a fruitful exhibition for us. Welcome to ...
  • china latest news about Activated Alumina Uses
    2024-01-26 Activated Alumina Uses
    The characteristics of activated alumina make it very useful in cleaning up toxic waste and stormwater runoff from polluted areas. Rainwater can absorb pollutants, such as soluble metals from industrial activities. It can also flush pollutants such as arsenic and lead from mining operations into ...
  • china latest news about What is Activated Alumina?
    2024-01-26 What is Activated Alumina?
    Activated alumina is a porous, solid form of alumina, also known as Al₂O₃. It is also the mineral that makes up the precious rubies and sapphires, the impurities of which are the source of the stones' brilliant color. After activated alumina has been heated to expel existing water, the material's ...
  • china latest news about Liquid Distributor Packed Column
    2024-01-26 Liquid Distributor Packed Column
    In the operation of distillation, absorption and analysis of a packed tower, the liquid distributor is important internals, and poor initial distribution of liquid will lead to a great decline in the efficiency of the packed tower. When the uneven initial distribution of liquid is serious, it needs ...