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Chemical Absorbent 1.6-2.5mm Molecular Sieve 3A Ball For Ethanol Drying

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: NK CHEM
Certification: ISO, SGS, REACH test
Model Number: NK-3A
Minimum Order Quantity: 25kg
Price: depends on quantity
Packaging Details: 25kg carton drum, 150kg iron drum, one container can load 10-12 ton.
Delivery Time: 15 days for one 20ft container
Payment Terms: L/C, D/P, T/T, Western Union, paypal
Supply Ability: 240 ton per month
Product Name: Zeolite 3a, Molecular Sieve 3a, Mol Sieve 3a Material: Alkali Metal Alumino-silicate
Shape: Sphere Bulk Density: ≥0.64g/ml
Water Adsorption: ≥20% Size: 1.6-2.5mm, 3-5mm
Application: Absorbent

Chemical Absorbent Sieve 3A


2.5mm Molecular Sieve 3A


Molecular Sieve 3A Ball


Zeolite molecular sieve 3A is an alkali metal alumino silicate; it is the potassium form of the Type A crystal structure. Type 3A has an effective pore opening of 3 angstroms (0.3 nm). It is large enough to allow in moisure, but excludes moleculars such as unsatureated hydrocarbons which can potentially form polymers: and this maximises lifetime when dehydrating such molecules.

Typical Chemical Formula
0.45k2O ·0.55Na2O·Al2O3 ·2.SiO2· 4.5H2O

1) Drying of unsatureated hydrocarbons(e.g. ethylene, propylene, butadien)
2) Cracked Gas Drying
3) Drying of natural gas, if COS minimization is essential, or a minimum co-adsorption of hydrocarbons is required.
4) Drying of highly polar compounds, such as methanol and ethanol

5)Drying of liquid alcohol

6)Static, (non-regenerative) dehydration of insulating glass units, whether air filled or gas-filled.

7)Drying of refrigerants


Technical Parameter




unit target


  pellet ball
Diameter mm 1.5-1.7 3.0-3.3 1.7-2.5 3.0-5.0
Size ratio up to grade % ≥98 ≥98 ≥96 ≥96               
Bulk density g/ml ≥0.64 ≥0.64 ≥0.68 ≥0.68
Abrasion rate % ≤0.20 ≤0.25 ≤0.10 ≤0.10
Crushing strength N/p ≥45 ≥60 ≥30 ≥70
Water adsorption % ≥20 ≥20 ≥20 ≥20
Packing water % ≥15 ≥15 ≥15 ≥15






By carton box, each box 30kg or 25kg, inside airtight bag.


Or 40kg/sealed iron drum, inside airtight bag.




Molecular sieve Type 3A can be regenerated by either heating in the case of thermal swing processes; or by lowering the pressure in the case of pressure swing processes.

To remove moisture from a 3A molecular sieve, a temperature of 200-230°C is required. A properly regenerated molecular sieve can give moisture dew points below -100°C.
The outlet concentrations on a pressure swing process will depend on the gas present, and on the conditions of the process


3A - Zeolites are available in beads of 1-2 mm, (10x18 mesh) 2-3 mm, (8x12 mesh) , 2.5-5 mm, (4x8 mesh) and as powder, and in pellet 1.6, 3.2.


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