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FCC RFCC Catalyst

Basic Information
Place of Origin: CHINA JIANGXI
Brand Name: NKCHEM
Model Number: FCC catalyst
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 kilogram
Price: $10.00 - $20.00/ kilogram
Packaging Details: Conventional packing
Delivery Time: 5-8work days
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram, L/C, D/A
Supply Ability: 1 - 1000+kilograms+PER DAY
Purity: 98% Color: Light Gray Molecular Sieve
Diameter: 1.6 Mm Size Ratio Up To Grade: 96 %
Bulk Density: 0.66 G/ml Wear Ratio: Less Than 2 ‰
Crushing Strength: 40 N/piece Static H2O Adsorption: 22.5 %
Heat Of Adsorption: 1800 °C Water Content: 1 %

FCC RFCC Catalyst


RFCC Catalyst


FCC Catalyst


1. Application and performance
FCC naphtha hydrogenation catalysts can be used for the selective hydro desulfurization of catalytic cracking full fraction or heavy fraction of naphtha/gasoline. For the hydrogenation of heavy fraction, the first process in fractional distillation, cut it into light and heavy two fractions. The full fraction or heavy component processing to selective hydro desulfurization, then the heavy component separated with Hydrogen gas by condensation and cooling, liquid phase product processing to steam stripping of non-alkali deodorization process, turn out to gasoline component in low sulfur content, and produce finished gasoline product after blended with other gas components, FCC gasoline selective hydro desulfurization catalyst is developed according to FCC gasoline features of high sulfur and high olefin, basis on urgent demand of car oil quality, which make sulfur content in FCC gasoline meet standard of Europe III, Europe IV and Europe V.


2.Chemical Composition and Physical Properties


Item TFSD-01 TFSD-02
Shape Sphere Cylinder
Size, mm Dia.2.5~3.5 Dia.1.3~1.5×3.0~8.0
Metal Composition,wt% 5.0~6.0 12.0~15.5
Pore Volume,mL/g Min.0.55 Min.0.45
Surface area, m2/g Min.220 Min.180
Bulk Density, g/mL 0.60~0.70 0.70~0.80
Crush Strength Min.40(N/pc) Min.100(N/cm)

3. Technology Features
We have developed a new filling technology apply to selective hydro-desulfurization special catalyst and Catalyst Combination, select the suitable selective hydro desulfurization process conditions, under low reaction pressure and high space velocity, this catalyst works with outstanding sulfur removal capacity, with low hydrogen consumption and small octane loss ratio.

4. Performance Index
For the sulfur content of FCC gasoline raw material >450µg/g,olefin content 24~29%, the product sulfur content <20µg/g,the saturation of olefin <15%,the loss of RON <1.5 unit.

5. Technology Condition


Operation pressure 0.8~2.0 MPa
Temperature 240~300°C
Space velocity 2.0~5.0 h-1
Hydrogen/oil volume ratio 200~400


FCC RFCC CatalystFCC RFCC CatalystFCC RFCC CatalystFCC RFCC CatalystFCC RFCC CatalystFCC RFCC Catalyst


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FCC RFCC Catalyst

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