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Tourmaline Ceramic Ball, Maifan Stone Ceramic ball,Far Infrared Ceramic Ball High PH Water Water filter media

Basic Information
Place of Origin: CHINA JIANGXI
Brand Name: NKCHEM
Certification: ISO9001
Model Number: tourmaline ceramic ball
Minimum Order Quantity: >= 100 kilograms
Price: $3.50+ kilograms
Packaging Details: 25kg per plastic bag; 30kg per carton or customized
Delivery Time: 5-8work days
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram, L/C, D/A
Supply Ability: 1 - 1000+kilograms+PER DAY
Product Name: Tourmaline Ceramic Ball Size: Contact Customer Service, Dia2-25mm,Common Size3-5mm,5-8mm
Application: Water Filter Media



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Tourmaline Ceramic Ball


The energy ball’s main ingredient is tourmaline which can improve the water PH; it is the physical reaction, not a chemical reaction. Potential negative is produced by the weak ionization from the link between function material Mg and water. Negative ion could make some weak radiation, because its raw material is negative ion powder which is semiconductor materials.

Tourmaline releases 0.06mA bioelectricity in the water and electrolyze bigger molecule group of water into smaller or single one so as to activate water. Eradiate more than 90% FIR (far infrared ray).Generate above 350p/cm3 anion. Make water presented alkalescency (PH is 7-7.5).Anti-bacteria and deodorization. Release mineral microelements.


The tourmaline ceramic ball’s largest advantage is can permanently produce the weak current of 0.06mA; it is similar to the nerves of the current, to smooth blood circulation.

(1)Production negative ion
(2)Reducing the beam of water molecules
(3)Radiating far infrared (4-14 micron wave length infrared)
(4)Containing the effectively minerals



For various types of water purifier, drinking water dispenser, water supply system and equipments, aquaculture, etc.


Far Infrared Ceramic Ball


Far infrared ceramic ball in dealing with the process of water can release the low current, although the current very weak (0.06 mA), but with the human body consistent biological current, and on the human body and other organisms have I beneficial effects, can effective absorption of water lead (Pb++) chrome (Cr++) contour toxic heavy metals. In the hydrolysis of electrochemical with happen, condensed, adsorption and precipitation physics, chemical change, so far infrared mineralization ball and has the enzyme, from clean role. At the same time, this far infrared mineralization ball the release of far infrared ray and water molecules resonance, can make the water molecules group into small molecular group, increase water oxygen content.


As one kind of environmental protection and health care ball that is mainly made of the natural nonmetal mineral tourmaline, kaolin and high-grade clay by nanometer comminution technology, special formula and agglomeration techniques, and used with the ceramic ball for water purifiers, functional textile fiber, etc.


Application :

For various types of water purifier, drinking water dispenser and water supply system and equipments, agriculture and industry, health care products etc.


Main Ingredients:

Tourmaline: 25~30% Far infrared powder: 25~30%
Porcelain clay: 10~15%
High grade clay: 15~20%
Others: about 10%


Functions & Features:

Radiance of far infrared ray (the wavelength is 4~20μm) : ≥0.85
Amount of generating negative ions: 250~400p/s.cm3
PH of soaking water solution: 7.0~7.2
Insoluble, gradually releasing mineral substance


Maifan Stone Ceramic Ball

Maifan stone ceramic ball take Maifan as main raw material , can release more than 20 kinds of essential main trace element of human body health in the water quickly, the contents doxens of times than surpasses the ordinary in ordinary medicine stone.


Maifan Stone Granule is one kind of non metal mineral, which is widely used for medical treatment, industry, food, drink and plant, etc. Due to its strong absorbability, Maifan Stone has absorption to heavy metal, hydride; titan ate and mixed pathogen in water. Maifan Stone has very strong absorbability. At the same time, Maifan Stone is of solubility property. It can release various microelements, so that common water becomes into man-made mineral water. Maifan Stone still can adjust and balance PH of the water, which is good for the growth of biology. It can lower florin and remove chlorine, and make acidulous water and alkaline water become neutral water, so as to favor water purification and environmental protection.

Widely used for medical treatment(cure dermatophytosis, chronic gastritis, high blood pressure, psoriasis, diminish inflammation and coli bacillus, etc), industry(skin care cream (or cream),animal feed additive), food(making bean curd, brewing soy and vinegar, etc), drink(man-made mineral water, carbonated drinks, beer, wine and making tea, and pickling alcohol, etc) and plant, etc.


Main ingredients:
Tourmaline, maifan stone, inorganic antibacterial agent.


Mineralization and anti-bacterium


1. Should wash with clean water for 2 times in the first, then can be directly used for treating drinking water.
2. The highest using temperature is at 950°c


Packing & Storage:

Packing with plastic bags, 25kg/bag, or customized
Keep from raining, and avoid moisture. Stored in dry place.


Use Instruction:

Should wash with clean water for two times in advance, then can be directly used for drinking water treatment.

Tourmaline Ceramic Ball, Maifan Stone Ceramic ball,Far Infrared Ceramic Ball High PH Water Water filter media

Tourmaline Ceramic Ball, Maifan Stone Ceramic ball,Far Infrared Ceramic Ball High PH Water Water filter mediaTourmaline Ceramic Ball, Maifan Stone Ceramic ball,Far Infrared Ceramic Ball High PH Water Water filter media

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