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Types of Intalox Saddle

November 15, 2022

Types of Intalox Saddle

The intalox packing used in industry column packing is also called intalox saddle. It is divided into ceramic, plastic, and metal intalox saddles according to the material. It has larger flux, lower pressure drop, and higher efficiency than raschig ring packing. The intalox saddles packing bed also has larger porosity. The advantages of both ring shape and saddle shape are combined in the intalox saddle and this kind of shape facilitates liquid distribution and increased gas passage.


Plastic Intalox Saddle

A plastic intalox saddle is also called a plastic intalox saddle ring. It is a popular random packing in the intalox saddles. The flow channel becomes more smooth because there are openings on the saddleback and the fan-shaped arc surface is processed, into the shell-shaped jagged edge. And the unit convergence point of the packing also increases. All of these contributed to the great performance of plastic intalox saddles ring: high mass transfer rate, good gas-liquid separation efficiency, and low operating costs. And it is more flexible and cost lower than metal intalox saddles. Plastic intalox saddles are applied to: various packed towers, such as drying tower, absorption tower, scrubbing tower, and cooling tower; Chlor-alkali industry, metallurgy industry, and chemical industry; the absorption operation of desulfurization, decarbonization, nitric acid, nitrate.


Parameters Of Plastic Intalox Saddle

Size(mm) Specific area (m2/m3) Void Rate(%) Bulk Number (g/m3) Package Density (kg/m3) F factor m-1
12*12.5*1.2 288 84.7 97680 102 473
38*19*1.2 265 95 25200 63 405
50*25*1.5 250 96 9400 75.2 332
76*38*3.0 200 97 3700 59.2 289

Types of Intalox Saddle



Metal Intalox Saddle

Metal intalox saddle is also called metal intalox saddle ring, metal intalox saddle packing. It has higher packing strength and better stiffness than plastic intalox saddles. The ring ribs of the metal intalox saddle effectively avoids overlapping, which improves the separation efficiency of the packing a lot. The pawls of Intalox metal tower packing play an important role in increasing the efficiency of packaging due to they enhance gas-liquid agitation and increase the mass transfer coefficient. Metal intalox saddle rings have good corrosion resistance, which is great to used for acid gas removal.

Metal intalox saddles increase the porosity of the packing bed. Its arc-shaped liquid channel not only decrease the resistance of the packing bed, but also reduces the radial diffusion coefficient of the downward liquid. Metal intalox saddle rings have larger packing flux, lower pressure drop and higher efficiency than metal Raschig rings. In addition, it has lower resistance, higher mechanical strength and better rigidity than metal Pall rings. Metal intalox saddles are applied to: packing columns of various diameters, high pressure towers and vacuum towers; distillation, desulfurization and decarbonization; chemical industry, metallurgical industry and environmental protection industry.

Parameters Of Metal Intalox Saddle

Type specifific surface are (m2/m3)

Void Volume



Heaping Weight







Theoretical plate




250Y 250 97 85-100 12.5 2.5-3.0 300 2.6
500Y 500 93 170-200 6.3 3.0-4.0 200 2.1
700Y 700 85 240-280 4.5 5.0-7.0 900 1.6

Types of Intalox Saddle


Ceramic Intalox Saddle

The ceramic intalox saddle ring is the advanced product of the ceramic berl saddle ring. It changes the surface of the arch so that the radius of curvature inside is different. This design avoids the overlapping problem.

Ceramic Intalox Saddle ring (intalox torus ceramic saddles, also called ceramic saddle ring) is a kind of industry packing. They are made of electrician ceramics and are used to fill packing columns and other heat and mass transfer devices in invasive environments. Intalox saddles relate to irregular acid-resistant packing. The surface of the intalox saddle is part of the torus. Compared with raschig ring, the intalox saddle with the same size filling body has a larger specific surface area and slightly larger free volume. What’s more, it has less hydraulic resistance and is more efficient. Intalox saddles have good wettability and provide greater randomness of packing without creating preferred paths (channels) for fluid flow. They are highly resistant to thermal shock or chemical attacks. Ceramic saddle packing is made of acid-resistant ceramics and is used as a filler for drying tower, intermediate absorber, and final absorber in sulphuric acid regeneration plants.


Parameters of Ceramic Intalox Saddle

Diameter Size(mm) Weight(kg/m3) Pieces(m3) Surface Area(m2/m3) Void(%)
Φ13 13*13*2 880 450000 480 65
Φ16 16*12*2 710 382000 450 70
Φ25 25*19*3 680 84000 250 74
Φ38 38*30*4 630 25000 164 75
Φ50 50*40*5 580 9300 142 76
Φ76 76*57*9 520 1800 92 78

Types of Intalox Saddle