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Tellerette Ring-Your Cost-Effective Choice

November 11, 2022


Tellerette packing ring is also called teller ring and tellerette rosette ring. It is well known for its economical and versatile performance characteristics because of its unique annular helix design. This design increases its surface area and the contact between the falling liquid and the rising vapor. And it is more efficient in mass transfer than traditional packing.

Tellerette ring has excellent heat transfer efficiency and mass transfer characteristics in gas absorption, air conditioning, etc. Tellerette Ring is widely used for high corrosion resistance and low pressure drop packing in gas absorbers, cooling towers, deaerators, and reaction gas-liquid contact systems.

Tellerette Ring-Your Cost-Effective Choice

Tellerette Ring Types and performance

Tellerette Tower Packing is available in different materials such as metal and plastic including polyethylene(PE), polypropylene(PP), reinforced polypropylene(RPP), and polyvinyl chloride(PVC), chlorinated polyvinyl chloride(CPVC), and polyvinylidene fluoride(PVDF) based on different application requirements.


Technical Specification of Tellerette Ring


Product Name Item Size D*H*T(mm) Number per m3 Surface Area m2/m3 Free Volume %


Metal Tellerete Ring

Dg50 50x25 19180 112.8 96
Dg75 75x27.5 8000 136 97
Dg100 100x40 2600 140 96.5
Dg108 108x45 1760 53.4 95



Product Name Size D*H*T(mm) Number per g/m3 Surface Area m2/m3 Void rate % Package Density(kg/m3)




Plastic Tellerete Ring

25*9*(1.5*2) 170000 195 82 90
47*19*(3*3) 32500 185 88 111
51*19*(3*3) 25000 180 89 103
59*19*(3*3) 17500 150 92 86
73*28*(3*4) 8000 127 89 80
95*37*(3*6) 3900 94 90 88
145*48*(3*6) 1100 65 95 48



Tellerette Ring-Your Cost-Effective Choice


Tellerette Ring Benefits


1. High free volume. Its design provides a large effective surface area per unit packing volume

2. Low pressure drop cuts operating costs. Pressure drop was reduced through filament shape with large void space, therefore the fans or blowers consume less electrical power

3. Larger gas flow capacity, allowing the use of smaller diameter columns at a significantly lower cost

4. High mass transfer efficiency. Retrofit existing towers to increase efficiency and capacity

5. The gas-liquid contact is uniform due to its curvilinear structure and a large number of branches and connections

6. High open area design to reduce dirt

7. Low mass transfer unit height, high flood point

8. Better particle collection by inertial impact

9. High column stability - no classic flooding


Application Of Tellerette Packing



Gas absorption: SO2, SO3, NH3, CO2, H2S, HCl, Cl2, HF, NOX, organic solvents

Stripping: NH3, CO2, O2, trihalomethane-contaminated water, water containing organochlorine compounds

Cooling: air cooling (liquefaction) and water cooling

Chemical Reactions: Black Liquor Oxidation and White Liquor Oxidation

Dehumidification: Air and Water Vapor in Cl2



The application temperature in the medium ranges from 60°C to 150°C and is widely used in packed towers in the petroleum industry, chemical industry, alkali chloride industry, gas industry, and environmental protection industries.

1. H2SO4/ammonium sulfate industry: SO2, SO3, NH3, absorbers, scrubbers

2. Soda ash industry: chlorine drying tower

3. Steel/coke industry: coke oven gas desulfurization tower, coke oven gas medium/light oil collector, gas cooling tower

4. Oxygen generator: air cooling

5. Thermal power generation: flue gas desulfurization

6. Chemical industry: H2S, HCI, CL2, HF, NOx elimination, organic solvent recovery

7. Pulp industry: black/white liquor oxidation

8. Water purification: ammonia, trihalomethane, trichloroethylene stripping

9. Sewage treatment: deodorization



As you can see, the tellerette ring is a cost-effective choice for your production lines. We Naike Chemical are producing and selling tellerette ring for more than 10 years. If you contact us, Naike Chemical is confident that we will be able to provide you with the finest quality.


Tellerette Ring-Your Cost-Effective Choice