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Molecular Sieves 13X HP:Remove The Nitrogen From Oxygen To Obtain Pure Oxygen

November 25, 2022

Molecular Sieves 13X HP:Remove The Nitrogen From Oxygen To Obtain Pure Oxygen

What are molecular sieves 13X-HP?

Molecular sieves 13X-HP is a novel X molecular sieve suitable for the PSA oxygen concentrator. They are commonly used as catalysts to remove nitrogen from oxygen to obtain pure oxygen. Higher N2 adsorption capacity and better results during N2 / O2 separation. It is also used as a desiccant to absorb moisture, moisture, and moisture from liquids, oil, and gas. This molecular sieve has four distinct advantages: highest adsorption performance,microporosity10A, and speedy transfer rates. Long-acting adsorption. Why use molecular sieves 13X-HP for oxygen generation?

Molecular Sieves 13X HP:Remove The Nitrogen From Oxygen To Obtain Pure Oxygen

(Molecular Sieve 13X-HP)

Technical Specification

Product 13X HP
Color Light gray
Normal pore diameter 10 ang 10 angstroms
Diameter (mm) 0.4-0.8 1.6-2.5
Loss on ignition (wt%.575℃, 1hr) ≤1.0 ≤1.0
Bulk Density (g/ml) ≥0.62 ≥0.62
Crushing strength (N) / ≥30/piece
Static H2O absorption (wt% RH60%,25℃) ≥30 ≥30
Static CO2 adsorption (wt% 250mmHg, 25 ℃) >20.5 >20.5
Attrition (wt%) ≤0.2 ≤0.2
Particle Ration (%) ≥95 ≥97
N2 adsorption (ml/g) 8.5~9 8.5~9
N2 /O2 separation coefficient (a) >3.4 >3.4

Why use molecular sieves 13X HP for oxygen generation?

Oxygen is a vital industrial gas, widely used in steel, metallurgy, chemical, water treatment, glass, paper, aquaculture, and medical industries. The oxygen production principle of the molecular sieve is to use the compressor pressure to absorb the air, the air is pumped into the molecular sieve, the molecular sieve adsorbs the nitrogen in the air, leaving only oxygen in the cylinder, high-pressure purification through the high-pressure valve, adjust the concentration of the oxygen generator. Commonly used oxygen-producing molecular sieves are sodium-type and lithium type, among which sodium type molecular sieve is otherwise known as molecular sieve 13XHP. The unique molecular sieve 13X HP used for oxygen production plays a very important role in oxygen production. It has higher oxygen production purity, faster speed, and longer service life, and is a breakthrough in the molecular sieve in the medical industry.

Molecular sieve 13X-HP is produced by reprocessing molecular sieve 13X. There are many options available for use as molecular sieves in the separation of oxygen and nitrogen, but most manufacturers choose 13X zeolite for peculiar reasons. Zeolites 13X have a higher absorption rate than most other options available on the market. Their high porosity gives them the ability to absorb large amounts of nitrogen, which allows oxygen and additional components to be easily collected. Zeolite 13X can effectively separate different gas due to its large surface area. When it is combined with high porosity, you have very potent nitrogen and oxygen separator. Zeolite 13X is capable of working under extreme conditions of high pressure and temperature without breaking down or releasing other compounds that could contaminate the process.